Membership in NAWI provides opportunities to:

  • Share information with program innovators on the cutting edge of workforce
  • Education program improvement
  • Use firsthand information from leaders of exemplary projects
  • Gain insight into workforce education program innovations
  • Develop a network of colleagues engaged in workforce education program improvement
  • Be involved in preparing national agenda for workforce education program improvement
  • Participate in conferences featuring national leaders in workforce education program improvements.

Application for NAWI Membership

Membership is May 1 through April 30. Annual dues are $25 a year.

Please view and complete the NAWI Membership Form [pdf]

Note that a one-year NAWI membership is automatically included when you register for the upcoming annual national NAWI conference and that membership fee covers the time period of May 1 through April 30 within which that annual national NAWI conference is held.

Also note that there may be a membership fee payment option on our current NAWI conference registration page; however, please note that payment option is only available when the registration period is open for the current conference.